Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Saturday, August 22, 2009


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How Does It Benefit Members

What is Rewards Program

SVR offers a new and innovative mode to increase consumer spending! The solution that SVR provide is via the cohesive amalgamation - the company, the consumers and the SVR Redemption Centres! SVR offers a new shopping experience and trend via the SVR membership card – one card for the shopping and spending cycle that is of mutual benefit for all parties who partake in this programme. Being far-sighted SVR shall incessantly seek for pioneering ideas to gratify the SVR members

How Does It Benefits Members

As a SVR Gold Card holder, you can earn unexpected reward while spending. The followings are part of your privilege:

Earn 1% up to 20% rebate when you shop at our participating SVR Redemption Centres
Enjoy instant lucky draw while making payment with SVR card at our selected SVR Redemption Centres
You may entitle to receive a special discount voucher or seasonal free gift from time to time only at selected SVR Redemption Centres
The most wonderful rewards is SVR International will consolidate through Biz Dream grouping points and convert the rebate points into cash payment. The maximum cash reward is RM50,000 per month
You are not only being a smart consumer for the above benefits, you too are given an opportunity to earn a lucrative residue income through our member referral program.

How to sign up as member

Call Saidah : 013-5282194 ,

SVR Cards
SVR International takes the lead in introducing a new shopping trend whereby consumers have the opportunity to reap greater benefits. Consumers only need to apply for the SVR International card to enable them to enjoy their shopping at selected merchants and at the same time enjoy the privileges attached to it. The SVR International card is neither a credit nor a cash card. Thus members shall be in the position to monitor and control their expenditure to suit their budget and at the same time avoid wastage. This shall make members to be “smart shoppers.”

We have 2 types of SVR Membership:
1. SVR Gold Member Card

2. SVR Silver Member Card

- Win attractive prizes with every purchase
- Participate in great promotions
- Ability to add value to your money
- Get rewarded by introducing a new member
- State of the art spending system, safe and credible
- Reduces cash transactions when shopping

Bio-Energy Card
SVR International at the same time offering member a Bio-Energy Card to enhance the card members wellness.

The Functions of Bio-Energy Card
- Anti-ageing

- Enhance blood synthesis process
- Amplify blood flow
- Increase oxygen level
- Heighten brain power

- Increase metabolism rate

- Minimize toxic level

- Decrease fatigue

- Reduces effects of radioactive
- Increases aura

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Friday, August 21, 2009

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photoshop For Company

Looking for photoshop.


Google AdSense is a pay-per-click (PPC) program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources.

AdSense delivers relevant ads that are targeted to the content people find on your site.

In many advertising networks and websites, including AdSense, the advertiser is charged for advertising their ad only when a user clicks on their ad. How much they pay (for that click) is called their Cost Per Click or CPC.

Here you will find some simple and effective AdSense tips that will increase your revenue. If you haven't already joined AdSense program, you should sign up first.

Now it's time to show you some tips and tricks that will optimize your AdSense ads.

Top 15 AdSense tips
AdSense Tip #1: Find your keywords

Before serving ads on a web page, check its keyword density. A free and advanced tool for finding the most prominent keywords in a page can be found here: SEO Density Analyzer. Copy the most important keywords to a text file ([web page name]-adsense-keywords.txt).
AdSense Tip #2: Improve your keywords

Get keyword suggestions from Overture Search Inventory and from Google AdWords Sandbox. Get new keywords that can help you improve your ad relevance. Enter the keywords from [web page name]-adsense-keywords.txt and save the suggestions to [web page name]-adsense-suggestions.txt.
AdSense Tip #3: Keep your website focused on a theme

Use the keyword suggestions to enhance your web pages and to build theme-based content. And also try to get your keywords into the anchor text of your incoming links as much as possible. Don't forget that Google AdSense is keyword-targeted advertising: Google AdSense bases its advert topics on your websites content, this means that content-rich websites of a popular topic should attract a large amount of ads.
AdSense Tip #4: Write a new page every day

One of the best tips is to add a new page to your web site every day. The more content you have, the more visitors you will get. Put an Adsense unit on each and every content page of your site. But where? You will find more about that from the next AdSense tips.
AdSense Tip #5: Choose the right AdSense format

Wider formats are successful because the ads are compact, easy to read and are complementary to the content. The top three AdSense formats are:
336x280 large rectangle
300x250 medium rectangle
160x600 wide skyscraper

Another successful format is the 468x15 horizontal ad links, that can be placed under your navigation bar.

Top google adsense High paying keyword

There are many Google adsense keywords which let your blog get more organic traffic and thus more money online.

I’m jotting down few of those keywords which might be handy for you.

Keywords giving more than 30 USD :

Mesothelioma , Structured settlement , Vioxx attorney

Keywords giving more than 20 USD :

Help Desk, Donate A Car, Cord Blood, Refinance.

Keywords giving more than 10 USD :

Forex, Student Loan Consolidation,Medical, Data Recovery.
Keywords giving more than 5 USD :

Affiliate Program, California Divorce Lawyer, Fraud, Invention, Personal Loan.

Keywords giving more than 1 USD :

Haircut, Lung Cancer, Donation, Online Degree.

Make the change and you will see the difference soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things I Like

What I like the most? First is my lap top. Actually this Lap top is not mine. It belong to the company that I currently working for.It a DELL . Each Dell laptop can be customized with the latest technology for outstanding performance. When purchasing a Dell laptop, what you have to consider , what you going to do with the laptop. Look for the size and weight that fit your need. Daily business activities right through to advanced gaming, Dell Laptop computers can provide you with the right solution.

MY DELL laptop is also powered by Intel Centrino.With new laptop PCs based on Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology , or Intel® Centrino® 2 with vPro™ technology for business, I will experience a new breakthrough in mobile performance, longer battery life, Delivering performance gains of up to 50%¹ enabled by a minimum 3MB Smart Cache and 1066MHz Front Side Bus, these laptops are equipped to handle everything from robust business to masterful multimedia and everything in between.

With this laptop and my internet is powered by SStreamyx by Telekom Malaysia Berhad - the best provider for wired internet in Malaysia.